Wind Velocity Meters for Long Range Shooting & Military Use

Accurate wind speed measurements are crucial to military operations ranging from paratroop drop zone safety to civil engineering, as well as to personnel such as snipers or artillery specialists. Automatic logging of weather phenomenon using a Kestrel 5000 or 5700 Elite (which also measures crosswind, tailwind, etc.) allows military professionals to keep track of local conditions, and make informed judgments about everything from work and rest periods to hydration and operation timelines. But Kestrel meters are just as at home being used by hobbyist sport shooters, who often opt for the Kestrel 1000, 2500, or 3000. But if there's only one thing the sport shooters and military personnel agree on, it's the rugged durability of Kestrel meters in the often-harsh environments in which they are used. Of course, be sure to view our comprehensive Kestrel Meter comparison chart, Kestrel Ballistics Meters comparison chart, and meter product pages to best determine which meter has the features you need.

Kestrel Meter uses for the Military and Sport Shooters:

  • combat weather
  • critical response teams
  • drop & landing zone safety
  • expeditionary flight operations
  • HVAC & space conditions
  • monitoring
  • K9 operations
  • medic support
  • mine removal
  • NVBC & HAZMAT response
  • sniper training & operations
  • thermal imaging systems (FLIR)
  • unmanned aerial vehicles
  • archery
  • bench rest shooting
  • biathlon
  • firearm ballistics
  • hunting
  • long range rifle competition
  • SWAT
  • safari guides
  • target shooting
Kestrel Weather Meters Catalog

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