Domestic Shipping

FREE SHIPPING & RETURNS (on Meters) on orders over $50 in the USA. (USPS)

Free Return policy: Domestic meters can be ordered risk free for 30 days.  

If you would like to return it, simply email us and we'll email you a return label.  You will be responsible for packing, taping, and getting it to FedEx (Kinkos) or US mail service.  The meter must contain the original box and all that comes with it or there will be a restocking fee of up to 15%.  

We ship from Minneapolis, MN 55455

Shipping options:

  • FREE FedEx Smartpost (Fedex to the post office, then US post delivers) 
  • FedEx Ground 
  • FedEx Express Saver: 3 Day Deliver
  • FedEx 2 Day: 2 Business Days
  • FedEx Standard Overnight
  • FedEx Priority Overnight
  • FedEx Priority Saturday Delivery when available

FedEx Ground US Transit Map

We ship out of our warehouse in Minneapolis. Here's a map to show you how fast you'll get it based on FedEx Ground shipping.  Add 1 day for the free Smartpost option.  

  • Order Ground by 1PM EST - Ships today
  • Order any express options by 4PM EST - Ships today



Canada Shipping

Free FedEx International Economy Shipping to Canada on orders over $300!  

See other options at checkout including:

  • Priority and express options
  • $10 flat rate US mail for orders up to $50
  • $20 flat rate option for orders up to $300

** Please note that you can expect customs & import fees on and shipping to Canada anywhere from $10 up that are out of our control.  We have heard that about 50% of our customers get hit with this and 50% do not.

International Shipping Flat Rate $35

Shipping outside the USA will have these options with prices at checkout:

  • First Class Mail for $10 on orders under $50 (intended for battery kits & screen protectors)
  • Flat Rate $35 FedEx International (4-6 Days) on orders over $300
  • FedEx International Economy:  4-6 Business Days 
  • FedEx International Priority: 1, 2, or 3 Business days
  • FedEX International Economy!  4-6 Business Days
  • Other options available at checkout based on your location

** is NOT responsible for taxes or customs fees that may get applied from your country to FedEx.  This can vary greatly on who gets charged and how much.  You are responsible for return shipping if that is required.  Please contact FedEx for details.  


FedEx International

FedEx is our recommended international shipping service. It features date-certain delivery in 1-3 business days* to more than 190 countries.  It also features Global Tracking to your door.  

Other Shipping Exceptions:
Flat rate shipping methods do not always apply.  A few countries are on our exception list where flat rate USPS does NOT apply.  These countries will only see the UPS option.
South Africa



Australia:  To find a dealer, please visit  Kestrel meters from the USA do NOT come with a C-Tick, which is required to be imported to AU.... Warranty without a C-Tick will not be covered through the  AU distributor and will not be their responsibility. 

We hear from those who bought Kestrel meters on eBay to send to AU and they get lost at customs.  We cannot help with this.  

In order to receive a unit with the required C-Tick, you must purchase it from an authorized Australian retailer/distributor. You cannot purchase these meters in the USA or anywhere else.  If a meter is shipped to you from the USA, you risk the meter being destroyed at customs.  

If you are in Australia and have a warranty issue on a meter without a C-tick, you will need to go though the manufacturer, here in the USA, visit


More Info:

TAX: We do not manage any international tax or VAT collections.

Warranty: While warranty issues are very rare with Kestrel Meters, it can happen.  All orders shipped outside the US will be covered by the 5 year warranty, however they would be required to be shipped to Nielsen Kellerman in Philadelphia, PA USA at your cost.  

International Shipping: All International shipments could be held for customs for any reason. will not be responsible for any lost or held shipments out of the United States. Customer will be responsible for all customs fee's.