The Kestrel 4200 is the perfect choice for professionals looking for a hand held HVAC Airflow Meter.  Not only does the 4200 measure air flow in HVAC systems, it  also tracks temperature, relative humidity, humidity ratio, and much more.

The potential industrial applications for Kestrel Meters are virtually limitless, which is why the full range of Kestrel meters is listed below. Any industrial operation involving air quality, drying times (brick, concrete, paint, etc.) heating and cooling, crane and high rise operations, demolition or electric work, welding, and much more will benefit from accurate data readings of air velocity, barometric pressure, heat stress, dew point, water temperature, wet bulb temperature, average wind speed, maximum wind gust and more.

Specialty Kestrel Meters Specifically for Construction and HVAC:

While virtually any Kestrel meter model makes a great companion on your job site, several Kestrel models were designed specifically with construction and HVAC tradespeople in mind.

For HVAC pros, the Kestrel 4200 represents the ideal choice with its automatic CFM calculation. And for concrete pros, the new Kestrel 4300 with automatic evaporation rate calculation eliminate the need to reference ACI charts. And all Kestrel specialty meters feature a host of other measurements that allow you to keep tabs on any number of site conditions - ensuring you and your crews get the job done safely and correctly, the first time.

Kestrel Meter uses for Industrial and Construction:

  • air quality monitoring
  • asphalt placement
  • brick drying systems
  • building science
  • civil engineering construction
  • concrete installation
  • construction site monitoring
  • crane operations
  • demolition work
  • electrical line work
  • exterior painting
  • facilities monitoring
  • furnace industry
  • heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC)
  • indoor air surveys
  • infrared roof inspection
  • micro climate surveys
  • mine operations
  • mold samplings
  • odor control surveys
  • spray applications
  • steel bridge coating & lining
  • water damage restoration
  • welding inspection
Kestrel Pocket Weather Meters & HVAC Brochure (PDF)

Kestrel Pocket Weather Meters & Construction Brochure (PDF)

Kestrel Pocket Weather Meters & Industrial Hygiene Brochure (PDF)

Construction & HVAC Air Flow Meters