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  1. Long-Range Shooting with Kestrel Ballistics Meters

    Long-Range Shooting with Kestrel Ballistics Meters Whether you are involved with long-range shooting competitively or as a novice, the weather plays a major part in the precision of shots fired. Even the smallest changes in climate can alter results, ranging from the time of day to a change in wind direction. With the Kestrel 5700 Elite Weather Meter with Applied Ballistics, long-range shooting is ... Read more...
  2. Snipers And Their Shooting Computers

    U.S. Army and Marine Corps are getting handheld ballistic computers. The 17 ounce Trimble PDA type device is loaded with Horus Vision targeting software. This enables shooters to more effectively hit targets over 2,000 meters distant. The $2,000 device is dust and waterproof, and uses rechargeable battery AA batteries. The device also has Blue ... Read more...

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