Kestrel Instruments in Field Research: Customer Stories

Kestrel Instruments in Field Research: Customer Stories

Everyone loves a good story. With Kestrel Meters, we have countless stories to share about how our weather meters and data loggers are used around the world. Take a look at some of the examples below on how people from all walks of life are using Kestrel!

Kestrel Meters & Endangered Black Rhinos

Robin W. Radcliffe, DVM, DACZM, Senior Lecturer in Wildlife and Conservation Medicine at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, uses Kestrel Meters in large animal conservation efforts. With Kestrel weather meters and DROPS, these scientists are working for rhino conservation and research. They use Kestrel to monitor heat stress while protecting the help of these animals, as well as capturing and relocating the animals until they can be safely returned to the wilderness.

"Overheating of rhinos during the capture and translocation process are significant concerns - when the rhinos are under anesthesia, we can use a standard digital thermometer; however, the DROP mini data loggers are very valuable in situations where we cannot take the animal's temperature using a standard thermometer - for example, inside a crate during transport to a new site.

Both black and white rhinoceros are moved around extensively for conservation purposes. We will also assist with translocation of the endangered Sumatran and Javan rhinos of Indonesia. [Kestrel meters and loggers have] real application for use of these in a number of settings."

Field Research with a Kestrel

Researches Strive to Keep Water Clean with Kestrel

Clean Water with a Kestrel

"It's the little things that make water quality testing easy --if you look carefully there is a Kestrel 5500 Weather Meter used for in situ [onsite] weather."

-Ronald F. Bond, Water Quality Researcher and Food Safety, water sampler and monitoring

You rely on water every day, from bathing to washing clothes and dishes. With water quality as one of the top concerns for any community, you want to make sure that the water or properly tested and sampled. As a professional who tests and samples water quality, you take your tools to the designated location to make sure the water is safe for consumption.

Government agencies rely on instruments such as the Kestrel meter when it comes to water quality sampling and research. It's a piece of the puzzle and part of a kit in water sampling and monitoring. This ensures that the water that flows from your kitchen sink or bathroom shower is safe, giving you peace of mind 365 days per year.

Field Research

"Everywhere I go I always take the weather with me!"

--Johanna Speirs, Climate Scientist

You're exploring the frozen arctic, bundled up from head to toe in the warmest clothes. However, you're not visiting the frozen tundra for sightseeing---even though the snowy mountains and icebergs are breathtaking.

Your reason for this arctic adventure is climate research. You're looking for:

  • Temperature changes and patterns
  • Rainfall patterns and levels
  • Rising or falling sea levels
  • Change in the sun's intensity
  • Drought
  • Flooding

Scientists from around the world are measuring climate changes with the help of Kestrel weather meters. They're working in areas of all corners of the globe, from the arctic to rainforests.

What's Your Kestrel Story?

Everyone who touches a Kestrel weather meter has a story to tell. Are you buying one because you've loved tracking weather all your life? Maybe you want one because you're a storm chaser who loves the thrill of the hunt? Craft your own story with our extensive line of Kestrel weather meters.

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