The Guide to Smooth Sailing (and Boating) With Kestrel Weather Meters

The Guide to Smooth Sailing (and Boating) With Kestrel Weather Meters

Whether it is the wide-open ocean, or a local lake, sailing and boating are vastly affected by winds. Strong winds, for instance, result in rough seas and can capsize small boats.

When it comes to boat anemometers, both professionals and novices must not overlook the Kestrel 1000 Wind Meter and additional basic units. These incredibly accurate weather meters are highly reliable for wind-related measurements, stacking them up against some of the industry's highest-rated anemometers.

Why Wind and Weather Affects Your Boating Experience

Wind can quickly change your boating or sailing experience for better or worse. It is essential to pay close attention to both the wind and weather for the following reasons:

  • No matter what type of boat power, boats are affected by wind and current.
  • Local wind can influence both tides and currents, turning them from peaceful to dangerous.
  • The boat's maneuverability can be compromised if the wind is ignored, potentially making it difficult to control.
  • High winds can create short and choppy waves.
  • Both oceans and inland waters are affected by wind.

Not only does wind matter for your boating or sailing experience, but it can be a predictor of bad weather---especially thunderstorms.

The Threat of Thunderstorms

Did you know it takes as little as 30 minutes for a thunderstorm to form, complete with lightning strikes? This might not leave enough time for boaters to make it to safety.

Dark and ominous clouds typically bring the most severe storms. Use your Kestrel Weather Meter to check for sudden wind changes or drops in temperature to avoid potentially dangerous storms. Being prepared for potential thunderstorms in advance is ideal for safety, allowing you to make it to shore before lightning strikes.

How Kestrel Meters Float Your Boat

While Kestrel may not literally float your boat, it can certainly keep it from going off-course or putting you in an emergency situation.

As one of the most accurate wind and weather meters globally, this device is much more reliable than your local weather app. Since your phone's weather app typically pulls from airport readings, it's not the most reliable when you're out on the water. This is especially true if you have low or no tower signal for cellular data for your phone.

The Kestrel 1000 is a basic wind meter, rugged and waterproof. It presents essential wind data for boating and sailing.

With the Kestrel 1000, you're always in the loop of current and impending weather. This meter provides all the data you need to keep your boat afloat, including:

  • Wind speed
  • Maximum wind gust
  • Average wind speed

Going beyond the basic meter, boat enthusiasts can enjoy Kestrel meters, such as Kestrel 3500. In addition to wind speed and direction measurements, it also reads elements including barometric pressure, relative humidity, dew point, etc.

Improve Your Boating Experience with Kestrel

Get the full Kestrel effect with your boating and explore our line of basic Kestrel Weather Meters. You will find an array of options that will put wind in your sails and set you off on your next safe boating adventure.

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