Everyone here at KestrelMeters.com is very pleased to announce the release of the Brian Litz Applied Ballistics App on the Google App Store for Android! This app puts the entire Litz library of bullet data in the palm of your hand, so you can easily model trajectories of your specific gun, right from your phone in the field!

In our short time using it, we've found that the Applied Ballistics app is straightforward and intuitive - upon first load, you enter some data about your firearm, such as barrel twist, twist direction, retical style, as well as some ammunition data, such as the Drag model, and bullet dimensions/weight - that's it! The app has over 1,300 different BC's for different ammunition types already stored, so you don't need to manually enter much data. Once set up, your app is ready to model the ballistics of your gun, and the gun will always be stored in your profile - no more setup necessary!

The cool part comes in when you pull out your Kestrel 4500 Applied Ballistics Meter. The app connects to your meter seamlessly through Bluetooth, and automatically enters current atmospheric and condition variables from your meter as you shoot for the most accurate possible trajectory prediction.

Beyond the extensive Litz library of bullets, there are several factors that make this app far and away the most advanced and feature-filled ballistics calculator to date. It features a one-of-a-kind "truing" calibration system, which validates calibration based on actual trajectory vs. modeled trajectory. It is also the only calculator on the market that has developed specific drag curves for every bullet in the library, not just with traditional "G1" and "G7" coefficients. Additional features include cloud storage for all gun profiles, support for Spin Drift and Coriolis Effect, and the ability to support multiple BCs at specified velocities (stepped BC's).

Below we've included a video demonstration of how to set up the app - check it out, and purchase the app for only $29.99 on the Google Play store.