Patented temperature measurement developed by Nielsen-Kellerman gives handheld Kestrel Meters the advantage over other brands of portable weather meters when it comes to reliability and advanced features and capabilities.  In a hand-held weather device, the type of temperature measurement system that it utilizes is the key to how effective it is in providing accurate weather data readings.  The patented temperature measurement found in Kestrel Meters highlights the differences between an average weather tracking tool that gives you somewhat accurate readings while you are in the field, and a professional-grade weather meter that features patented temperature measurement for generating accurate, reliable readings.  Handheld meters are only useful if they provide real-time reporting and reliable data, and thanks to the patented temperature measurement built into each model of Kestrel Meters handheld weather meters that are available, users can rest assured that they are getting the most accurate weather data available.

Through the use of patented temperature measurement that includes dual temperature sensor RH measurement, pressure-corrected Wet Bulb Temperature, and reliable Delta-T, Kestrel handheld weather meters are designed to provide the most accurate weather data quickly and easily, with easy to use controls and clear, digital readouts.  The weather meters are also designed to be incredibly durable standing up to prolonged outdoor exposure, including exposure to wind, rain and sun, while still providing up to the minute data readings that users can depend on. 

While it may not be obvious when comparing a Kestrel handheld weather meter that has patented temperature measurement built in with a different brand of meter that does not, you can definitely tell when comparing them while in use, both indoors and when out in the field.  Handheld weather meters that are made with the patented temperature measurement capabilities that Kestrel Meter’s have, with certified and guaranteed accuracy, provide the most reliable atmospheric data in the field, which is why sports teams, military groups and members of law enforcement rely on them for help in keeping individuals safe when they are working or training out in the field.  The patented temperature measurement easily makes the best in class meters the first choice for those who need the most reliable option, as it can be trusted to provide the most trusted readings available no matter what the weather conditions are outside.

The patented temperature measurement technologies found in the Kestrel line make the brand of weather meters a smart choice for those who are looking for the most trusted weather meter that is built with professional grade technologies and materials and that is still easy enough for an amateur weather buff to use.  Temperature measurement requires advanced technology that is perfectly integrated with each of the different elements of the meter in order to work correctly.  By utilizing patented temperature measurement that is built into a sturdy weather meter that goes anywhere, you can get the readings that you need whenever or wherever you need them.