We've been asked a few times about the PMA-2008 IS (Intrinsically safe) Meter.  Currently, that is the only official IS meter we have as tested by the powers that be.  For those who desire more out of the meter, read this question posed by a customer with a gold mine.

I know there is the PMA-2008, which allows to do a 1 minute timed reading, but I understand this one does not measure barometric pressure, etc. and is missing a couple of functions present on the 4200 model.

Is it possible with the 4200 to "conveniently" do a timed reading over 1 minute (or longer)? Or is there another meter you can recommend for this purpose?


The averaging function on air flow will have the same effect as the counting function, but the timing would have to be done on a watch.  The 4400 has a timer on the averaging function – this would add value to the 4200 it appears. Also, the 4200 can do the volume air flow calculation if the user inputs the dimensions of the mine shaft face where the measurement is being taken.  The 4200 is NOT tested as Intrinsically Safe. 

To note: The 4200 model was designed and programed for the HVAC industry.

Measures Airflow (4200) in: 

  • CFM
  • Cubic Meters/Hour
  • Cubic Meters/Minute
  • Cubic Meters/Second
  • Liters/second