Are you having trouble transferring data from  your Kestrel Weather and Environmental Meter with Bluetooth to your computer? Do you enter your PIN and connect your Kestrel, but it does not transfer data?  This may be an issue with the Bluetooth driver on your computer. 

NK has found an issue with Cambridge Silicon Radio’s (CSR) 2012 version of its Bluetooth driver in regards to transferring data.  Even if you properly entered your PIN and selected the right COM port, you may still experience an error message when trying to transfer data.

NK has identified a potential workaround to this issue.

Please go to this site: and download and run the provided Freeware.   This has solved many of the issues as this Freeware resorts the driver back to the standard Microsoft Bluetooth Stack.   You will know you have the right driver if you see the Driver Date as 6/21/2006 and the Driver Version as 6.1.7601.17889.

For more information or to request a specific post, please contact Kestrel tech support at or 1-800-784-4221.