As the largest Global Kestrel Distributor, since 2002, we help people daily, even hourly, on choosing the right meter for their long range shooting.  

A lot of real experience in the field by the Kestrel community.  We hope this board will help you find answers in your research. Please set up a log in and ask, help, and give back.  I will monitor this and step in with answers from my own experience of shooting, and helping thousands.  I don't claim to know it all, so I need your help.  

For clarity, AB (Applied Ballistics) makes the ballistic software.  NK, makes the weather meter.  They joined up a year or 2 after the Horus version of the Kestrel came out. has been distributing globally under contract with NK since 2002. We are in contact with NK tech, engineers, and sales daily and can get answers!  Your posts will be seen.

Feedback welcome: or just post it!