The Bluetooth will transmit 10 meters (about 30 feet) – the Kestrel is a class 2 bluetooth device (as opposed to class 1 which will transmit 100 meters), it is class 2 because it’s a hand-held device (which means it cannot qualify as a class 1).

You’ll note in the image there are a few grayed out boxes – these boxes correspond to measurements that are not available in the model sending the data. Since there is direction being provided I can tell immediately that the Kestrel 4500 is the unit providing the data to the software.

The latest Kestrel Communicator Software (Kestrel ver. 2.1.1) is now available for download. See link below! The software allows you to download the weather date from the Kestrel, save it, or graph it.

Download Communicator Software (Kestrel ver. 2.1.1)

Yes, we're all waiting for a sweet iPad app.... But not yet.

Kestrel Realtime Screenshot