Anemometers and Hand Held Weather Meters

Amateur weather watchers and professional meteorologists alike simply love our anemometers. With this kind of data provided by Kestrel meters at your fingertips, within seconds and at any time of the day or night, the possibilities are limitless. Many professional meteorologists use their Kestrel Meters for field reports, while amateurs may make their own observations and predictions, then compare them to those made by "the pros." Storm chasers rely on Kestrels for fast and accurate readings - on the run! The most popular choices for weather pros and amateurs alike are the 4000 and 4500. Of course, be sure to view our comprehensive Kestrel Meter comparison chart and meter product pages to best determine which meter has the features you need.

Kestrel Meter uses for Weather Enthusiasts and Professionals:

  • amateur weather watching
  • meteorology
  • NOAA weather data collection
  • storm chasing
  • skywarn spotters
  • TV weather reporting
  • wind power generation