Wind Speed Meters for Fire Fighting and Hazmat Professionals

Fire and EMT professionals all rely on accurate weather data to properly execute their essential responsibilities. Wildland firefighters can replace their out-dated belt weather kits with a single, cell-phone sized Kestrel Meter, while urban firefighters use Kestrel Meters to measure wind speed before deploying ladders and aerial equipment. Generally, fire fighters opt for the 3000 or the 3500 (which is in fact designed especially for firefighters) or 5000. HAZMAT techs often go for the flagship 5500. Of course, be sure to view our comprehensive Kestrel Fire Meter comparison chart and meter product pages to best determine which meter has the features you need.

Kestrel Meter uses for Firefighters and EMTs

  • environmental conservation
  • fire & rescue training
  • hazardous materials response
  • ladder trucks
  • prescribed burning
  • smoke coordinators
  • smoke jumping
  • structural firefighting
  • wildland firefighting
  • avalanche patrol
  • border patrol
  • coroner reports & studies
  • dive rescue specialists
  • emergency management
  • EMT & first responders
  • forensics
  • HAZMAT/biohazard
  • K9 handlers
  • mountain rescue
  • search & rescue

Firefighting & EMT