Aviation professionals and enthusiasts, from airplane engine tuners to ultralight aviators, require precision weather information - on and off the ground - to perform with confidence. No pursuit relies more heavily on weather information than aviation, and Kestrel Meters are recognized all throughout the aviation industry as the simplest and most accurate means of quickly obtaining accurate ground-based data related to wind speed, air density, barometric pressure, temperature, and other weather data that directly affect flying, parachuting, and ballooning conditions. Interestingly, the majority of aviation users either purchase the 1000-series (as a simple wind meter), or head to the other end of the spectrum with the fully-featured 4000 or 4500. Of course, be sure to view our comprehensive Kestrel Meter comparison chart and meter product pages to best determine which meter has the features you need.

Kestrel Meter uses for Aviation Professionals:

  • air plane engine tuning
  • crop dusting
  • drop zone safety
  • glider and ultralight flying
  • hot air ballooning
  • parachuting
  • paragliding & sailing
  • powered parachute training
  • small airport weather reporting
  • space shuttle operations
  • ultralight flying