What is a Weather Meter? How Can You Use Weather Meters?

What is a Weather Meter? How Can You Use Weather Meters?

Nearly everyone keeps an eye on the weather for one reason or another. After all, that family picnic is riding on whether the elements want to cooperate. While a weather meter is an incredible tracking device for wind, rain, and more, there are many purposes served for many areas of your life---both professional and personal.

What is a Weather Meter?

The basic function of a weather meter is to track current and impending weather. It can tell you current data such as wind speed, wind direction, temperature, and wind chill. It also provides information such as atmospheric pressure which can help predict potential threats such as thunderstorms.

Kestrel Weather meters are engineered for accuracy and helping you understand current weather as well as patterns. There are several models available, ranging from handheld to devices that conveniently hang in areas where you need them.

How Can You Use Weather Meters?

There is a surprising amount of ways that you can use Kestrel weather meters. Here are a few of the most common uses:

  • At-home weather tracking: Kestrel weather meters are awesome alternatives to using the weather app on your smartphone. If you’re a weather geek or you simply want the most accurate forecast at your fingertips, a weather meter such as Kestrel provides down-to-the-minute data that is more accurate than an app. This is due to microclimates that can differ from areas such as the airport vs. your own backyard.
  • Storm Chasers: Both professional and novice storm chasers can benefit from the use of weather meters. Since severe thunderstorms can pop up within minutes, devices such as the Kestrel weather meter can keep you prepared for the storms that lie ahead---putting you right in the midst of the action!
  • Sports and Recreation: The weather can play a major role in outdoor activities ranging from football practice to long-range shooting. When athletes are performing in hot or cold weather, Kestrel weather meters can help warn of dangerous conditions that may result in heat stress or even hypothermia. Meanwhile, wind direction and wind speed data can help long-range shooters accurately shoot on target.
  • Workplace safety: Those who work in conditions such as powerplants may be at risk to heat stress while on the job. Kestrel weather meters can help prevent overheating in these environments and putting workers’ lives at risk.
  • Livestock Monitoring: Whether your livestock is outdoors, inside of a barn or even a moving trailer, weather meters can help protect the lives of animals such as horses, cows, and more. It helps you track dangerous outdoor conditions and keeping your livestock as comfortable and safe as possible.

What Weather Meter is Right for You?

If you're asking yourself what is a weather meter, you might be wondering about the right device for your needs. Kestrel has an impressive selection of weather meters to fit a wide range of needs, whether you’re climbing Mount Everest or you need to track weather for a backyard BBQ. Browse our incredible line of devices for some of the most accurate weather meters on the market!

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