What is a Fire Behavior Analyst?

What is a Fire Behavior Analyst?

From the bushfire outbreaks in Australia to controlled fires in California, a Fire Behavior Analyst (FBAN) is essential for predicting fire growth and developing strategic and tactical fire behavior patterns. They can help save lives during outbreaks and bring essential knowledge in terms of advanced fire behavior and calculations.

The Job of a Fire Behavior Analyst

A FBAN is responsible for studying fire behavior, gathering weather data, predicting fire growth and creating strategic responses.

According to the U.S. Forest Service, FBANs are trained on the physical behavior of fire in their landscape and are well versed in mathematics to predict the impact of fire on people and their communities. They will do tasks such as documenting and tracking different types of fire behavior, such as controlled or uncontrolled burns, and make predictions to facilitate planning or fire suppression.

The analysts develop computer models to determine where the fire is spreading and how rapidly it is moving. This is one of the keys to saving lives.

However, even the most experienced Fire Behavior Analyst can’t rely on intuition to monitor fire behavior. A critical piece of the puzzle for fire behavior is weather prediction and one of the top tools that a fire behavior analyst will have in their arsenal is a Kestrel Fire Weather Meter.

Using Kestrel Weather Meters for Fire Behavior

Every successful fire management strategy starts with accurate on-site weather observations. Kestrel Fire Weather Meters measure all relevant weather variables needed by Fire Behavior Analysts (FBAN's), meteorologists, and deployed firefighters to understand how a fire is evolving and how to keep the crew safe.

The Kestrel line now includes a full range of meters and loggers, including models with built-in Probability of Ignition (PIG) and Fine Dead Fuel Moisture (FDFM) readings. Wireless data transfer to smart phones and tablets using Kestrel LiNK™ makes communicating real-time conditions easier than ever. As well as heat stress prediction models that help keep personnel safe from heat injury during training and operations.

With advanced and accurate technology of the Kestrel Fire Weather Meters, they have been the trusted digital belt weather kit replacement for over 20 years- providing reliable, consistent readings in seconds in a rugged, waterproof instrument that weighs just ounces.

Watch real firefighters put the Kestrel to the test:

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