WBGT - Kestrel vs Quest

When making a Kestrel Heat Stress Meter, the obvious competition in the market is the Quest.. a fairly accurate unit for sure, but huge, bulky and seemingly dated.  Imagine trying (like some of our customers) to bring this into a tank and check heat stress!  Is it possible to make a WBGT unit in the form of a handheld that lives up the standards of NK?  

Well, it was in fact achieved with the Kestrel 4400, added a compass with the 4600, and upgraded to the Kestrel 5400 with LED flashing warnings and beeping alarm options! The result is amazing and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive in both sales and reviews.  

I don’t have a direct comparison of the stated specs between a Kestrel 5400 and Quest.  You can find some of the Quest specs here:


For the Kestrel... 5400 Spec Chart



They don’t have a stated spec on WBGT, but they do have specs for temp and RH.  The Kestrel specs are the same for temp and better for RH.  Not suprising, as this is a good unit, it's just... well, huge and expensive and frankly not practical for many in the field, or literally out on the football field.  We also have better specs for air velocity, for what it’s worth.  What Kestrel has over the Quest: size, cost and ease of use.

Just for fun... here was an engineering challenge NK had... take the accuracy in readings of this big bulb and make it work on a hand held device...





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