Track Conditions at Home to Discover Your Backyard's Unique Microclimate

Track Conditions at Home to Discover Your Backyard's Unique Microclimate

Walk into your backyard, and a fascinating world awaits. When you think of the climate, you likely associate your yard with your community's weather and climate. However, a microclimate exists right outside of your back door, ready to be explored with the proper tools in hand.

What is a Microclimate?

A microclimate is essentially a climate on a smaller scale. Microclimates exist in small and restricted areas, where the weather is different than that of the surrounding area.

Some microclimates include a peak between valleys, a forest floor, a garden park, and mountaintops.

What to Look for With Microclimates

When you're exploring your backyard, you might wonder what you need to look for in terms of microclimates.

There are several factors to consider; some can be seen with the naked eye, and others will need to be measured with Kestrel Weather Meters.

For example, the chart below outlines differences in an urban microclimate vs. rural.

Differences in air temperature are some of the most notable aspects of microclimates. The difference can be minimal, as the annual mean temperature in the chart above is only 0.5 degrees C or about 2 degrees F.

Other elements you'll want to look for is wind conditions. For example, areas with tree coverage are less windy because the trees create obstructions.

Coastal regions can also create microclimates, as the boundary between land and sea creates its own climate. If your backyard happens to be near the ocean or another body of water, this is a prime opportunity to explore new findings in your microclimate.

Measuring Your Microclimate

Now that you know what to look for within a microclimate, you might wonder how to make measurements and determine your local conditions.

First, don't rely on your smart phone's weather app. Weather apps typically take readings that are based on climates near an airport. This won't give you accurate measurements for your backyard.

For accurate, rugged, and portable hyper-local condition monitoring, a Kestrel Weather Meter is the best device on the market. Furthermore, Kestrel Weather Meters come in various models such as handheld devices or DROP meters that can be conveniently hung in your yard and monitored wirelessly.

Kestrel Weather Meters offer measurements for all kinds of elements, including:

  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction
  • Wind chill
  • Temperature
  • WBGT
  • Heat index
  • Humidity
  • And more

Once you gather your data, you can export it to a computer via the free Kestrel LiNK® app powered by Bluetooth® connectivity. This is a fun and easy way to monitor and detect patterns in your backyard's microclimate.

Keep in mind that the variables measured by Kestrel will depend on the model you choose. Some models are very advanced and offer a large variety of measurements. You can also opt for a weathervane and use it with your meter.

When it comes to exploring the microclimate of your backyard, there's no better option than Kestrel Weather Meters and DROPs. Explore our line of options and find the perfect fit for you!

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