*** Kestrel Reading

If you have a *** reading on your 5000+ series Kestrel... Specifically for:
  • Humidity
  • Head Index
  • WBGT
Read on...
There is nothing wrong with your unit but you should update the firmware on it to fix this issue.  What is happening is that the humidity sensor is getting saturated and due to the +/-2% accuracy of the sensor, the sensor is actually reading above 100% humidity.   At the time of this meter's firmware, anything above 100% would show “***” as it was thinking that the sensor was incorrect.   With a later firmware revision, NK, the manufacturer, instead capped this at 100% if the sensor goes above 100%.  So if you update the firmware, the next time this would happen, the unit would read 100% until the sensor becomes less saturated instead of the ***.

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