Prescribed Fire Safety and Kestrel Weather Meters

Prescribed Fire Safety and Kestrel Weather Meters

A prescribed fire - otherwise known as a controlled burn - is beneficial and necessary for several reasons. First, it helps decrease the likelihood of large and uncontrolled fires occurring, causing extensive damage and even loss of life. It influences the growth of trees and vegetation, while some species depend on those fires to thrive.

No matter the reason for a prescribed fire, there are also several considerations to keep in mind for safety and success. This includes components such as location and weather.

Wind's Impact on Fire

Wind is very influential when it comes to prescribed fires---or any fire, for that matter. Due to its fanning effect, wind can cause fire to change in terms of direction or intensity. This is because wind supplies oxygen that fuels the combustion process. When atmospheric conditions are unstable, the changes in fire pattern can be particularly abrupt.

Wind does not blow in a straight line due to landscaping patterns and obstructions such as trees or mountains. However, it does move from high to low pressure areas due to temperature variations. The wind will spiral in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction.

Even though wind speed and direction can change on a dime, tracking its patterns with Kestrel weather meters can keep prescribed fires under control and provide time for firefighters to react.

How Humidity Affects Fire

Wind isn't the only element that affects fire. Low relative humidity levels mean that a fire will start burning faster and even more vigorously. High humidity can act as a damper to the fire. This is when it's helpful to track humidity for prescribed fires, as well as seasonal climate changes that impact humidity levels.

Rely on the Rugged Kestrel Meter for Prescribed Fires

"The Kestrel unit is a lot quicker to use on an incident compared to the old style sling method to gather much needed info during fire fighting activity. I've had my Kestrel meter for five years and love it. It's still in good shape even with all the abuse in the field as part of the job – frequent exposure to heat and water during wildland fire fighting. It takes whatever you give it and keeps on giving back."

-Wildland Firefighter

There are several variations of Kestrel meters that can assist with controlled burning.

The Kestrel 5500 Fire Weather Meter Pro is the go-to choice for firefighters and prescribed burning. With a tough exterior, these devices are engineered for incredible accuracy and long-lasting durability. It's notably fantastic for tracking data, especially wind. It features increased aptitude for tracking the elements that matter most for controlled fires, such as barometric pressure and temperature, this is a standout device for safety and success.

The Kestrel DROP D3FW Fire Weather Monitor is a small, rugged, and highly accurate weather trackers that are equally as powerful as their full-sized counterparts. It provides accurate and fast data during controlled burning sessions, and it even stores the data for future review. The Kestrel meters track elements such as wind speed, relative humidity, temperature, probability of ignition (PIG), psychrometric wet bulb temperature, altitude, pressure trends, and more.

Don't Start Controlled Fires Without A Kestrel

For the most accurate weather tracking on the market, choose your new device from Kestrel's fire line of meters and data loggers. These products are specifically engineered to assist with prescribed burnings and fire control. Invest in the top weather meter that continuously feeds your fireteam with life-saving information.

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