Kestrel 5400 & OSHA Guidlines

In reading through the OSHA technical manual, specifically Section III chapter 4, I wanted to check with the head Engineer at NK to see if our Kestrel 5400 that measures Heat Stress conditions using WBGT, meets the OSHA specs outlined.  

OSHA Manual Section III Chapter 4 Reference: Heat Stress

Here's the official answer:

The Kestrel 5400 complies with the OSHA guidelines for WBGT (Wet Bulb Globe Temperature). 


  • Calculations for indoor and outdoor WBGT as described in IV. Sampling Methods
  • Work/rest regimen as described in Table III:4-2, when using ACGIH guideline setting
  • Corrections for clothing type as described in Table III:4-3

NK/Kestrel does NOT have any kind of official endorsement from OSHA (although not for lack of trying).  If you can help us get an official endorsement, we'd love it!!  Please reach out to us at!!

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