The Guide to Kestrel LiNK (and What to do With the Data)

The Guide to Kestrel LiNK (and What to do With the Data)

Data is an essential tool for a countless number of fields. We use it to gain knowledge, track trends, and make improvements. Not only is Kestrel a highly-effective weather monitoring and data logging device, but it also stores and logs data for a birds eye view. You don't have to be a data nerd to appreciate Kestrel's LiNK feature, and here is how to use it and what you can do with the information.

What is Kestrel LiNK?

Kestrel LiNK is powered by Bluetooth® Low Energy wireless technology that connects weather data to your smartphone. The free Kestrel LiNK app allows you to view and manage all Kestrel environmental data on a mobile device within 100'. It's compatible with both Apple iOS and Android mobile devices. You can share the information with others, log hours (or even months) of data, and export for effortless documentation of conditions – all easily done on the free Kestrel LiNK app. Both Kestrel DROPs and Kestrel Advanced Meters are available with LiNK connectivity.

Once you've collected a sufficient amount of data, you can easily export the information to an Excel spreadsheet.

What Does Kestrel LiNK Track?

Kestrel LiNK tracks an incredible amount of data, including:

  • Temperature
  • Wind direction
  • Wind speed
  • Relative humidity
  • Dew point
  • Wind chill
  • And more

Once all of the data is tracked and collected, you can choose to view it using charts, graphs, and more.

With all the data at your fingertips from Kestrel LiNK, you're now ready to put it to good use in the following ways.

How to Use Kestrel LiNK Data

The ways that you can use Kestrel LiNK data depends on your goals and your industry. Some examples of data usage for Kestrel LiNK data include:

  • Improving long-range shooting: It's no secret that the elements can affect the outcome of long-range shooting. Over time, you can collect data such as rain, wind speed, and wind direction. You can use this data and compare how it impacted your shooting, using the information on how to improve in future similar settings.
  • Compete in Rocketry Competitions: There are several requirements for competing in rocketry competitions, such as wind speed and direction, which Kestrel LiNK data can help you track. You can refer to this data from previous years, gaining insight into performance and the weather.
  • Help Save a Species: Kestrel LiNK data can help a species survive, such as bats with White Noise Syndrome. This syndrome is connected to several environmental factors that make it more likely to appear in bats. LiNK will help us store data ranging from cave humidity levels to microclimate temperatures.
  • Conduct Environmental Research: Research is conducted around the world using Kestrel LiNK data, including keeping water clean, saving rhinos in Africa, and climate monitoring in the arctic.
  • Monitor and Track Heat Stress: Essential for athletes, the military, and even the workplace, Kestrel LiNK allows you to view potentially dangerous environmental data that can trigger heat stress symptoms.

How Will You Use Kestrel LiNk?

With limitless possibilities with Kestrel LiNK, it's the ideal weather-tracking device to incorporate into your life. Whether you're trying to save a species of bats or butterflies, or you want to explore and track the climates of the globe, choose Kestrel Weather Meters with bluetooth LiNK!

What are customers saying about using LiNK?

"This little thing rocks! I got it for keeping track of the temperature, humidity, and heat index when backpacking and hunting. It's so light, I don't know it's with me, until I want to check on things. At night, I hang it on my hammock tarp ridge line and now from the comfort of the hammock, I can tell my wife that it is NOT freezing, it's only 35-degrees - while checking the conditions on my phone with the Kestrel LiNK app. Perfect for my use and highly recommended."
-Dennis Y., Online review

"Great dataloggers with easy connectivity! The Kestrel DROPs with LiNK are very easy to use. I use them to monitor temperature in potato seed trucks and in the soil. I buried one DROP 6 inches deep and could still easily connect and download the data. I really enjoy the LiNK Bluetooth connectivity. That feature alone make this worth 5 stars.

I put my Kestrel meters and DROPs in different spots in car, around the house , and the storage facility and then viewed the data. I captured weeks of data at varying collection intervals. I'll never need it to last longer than a few weeks, but it's up to the challenge of logging much more data than that. The LiNK app and Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy to save and share all this data!

NASA can use its satellites for more accurate needs, this D2 is great for us weather geeks looking to log the weather conditions on our adventures or around the homestead."

-Jeff M., online review

"This little device is packed full of a wide array of data right at your finger tips. It great for on the go accurate meteorological information here and now with logging capabilities to define trends. I love it!"
-Online review

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