Can Air Density Impact Your Golf Game?

Can Air Density Impact Your Golf Game?

Golfers tend to have a lot of things to focus on. Air density is probably not at the top of your mind when you hit the green. However, professional golfers such as Bryson DeChambeau incorporate air density metrics and more into their golf games. It's a mathematical equation that he's keeping tight-lipped about, but you have the power to measure air density on your own and potentially improve your next game of golf. Kestrel Meters may be your secret weapon for gaining a competitive edge!

Air Density and the Golf Ball

Dense air matters with golfing for several reasons. First, when the air is denser, it can make the golf ball fly slower and not travel as far. Combine this with humidity and the air around you even feels heavier. When the air isn't as dense, or even less humidity, it can have the opposite effect.

As the golf ball flies through the air, how fast and far it travels. Keep in mind that these changes can be less than a yard, but it's still worth noting when you're gunning for that hole-in-one.

Other Weather Factors to Consider

What other types of weather can affect your golfing? Wind is one of the most impactful and Bryson DeChambeau has a method behind this approach as well. Wind speed and wind direction can sway the ball, even slightly, which can impact the results of your golfing. DeChambeau claims that Bridgestone is the ball that flies the most consistently in any type of wind.

Temperature is another indicator of how far your ball may fly. Colder temperatures can result in balls going slightly longer distances than in hot and humid weather.

Cracking the Code of Air Density and Weather with Golf

While Dechambeau won't spill all of his secrets for aligning your golf game with air density and other weather factors, you have your own secret weapon: Kestrel weather meters. These weather devices will track all types of weather components ranging including wind speed, wind direction, temperature, and yes---even air density.

This is a compact device that you can bring along with you during your net golf outing. It fits in the palm of your hand and easily moves with you all throughout the course. As you track your results, you can make note of the weather conditions and how you played that day. You can also decide for yourself if DeChambeau's theories are wrong or right.

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