Bird Surveying with Kestrel: Breeding, Singing, and Migration

Bird Surveying with Kestrel: Breeding, Singing, and Migration

Nearly everyone knows that some birds fly south for the winter. The weather has an impact on bird behavior all over the world, affecting breeding, singing, and migration. Kestrel weather meters are one of the top chosen instruments to survey birds in microclimates. This is how those climates impact bird behavior and how Kestrel serves to monitor.

The Impact of Birds and Climate Change

Some species of birds are vulnerable creatures when it comes to the environment. In fact, 1 out of 8 species is at risk of becoming extinct due to environmental factors.

Climates affect birds both directly and indirectly. Increased temperature in colder climates can cause them to use more energy for thermoregulation. When this balance is upset, it can disrupt the maintenance for breeding, migration, and overall survival.

As climate change affects the ecosystem and even microclimates, vegetation in the specific area can change. When the change is rapid, it becomes dangerous because birds are forced to migrate to areas that are less suitable for their survival needs. For example, in microclimates, snow may stay on a forest floor longer than usual. This can impact the birds' ability to find food or adequate vegetation for nesting.

Kestrel weather meters can assist with bird surveying, ensuring that the environment is offering an ideal condition for our feathered friends to thrive.

Climate Elements to Consider for Birds

Some of the elements that will impact migration, breeding, or singing includes:

  • Rain -- Too little or too much. Droughts can have a serious impact on birds, as many of them consume insects that are attracted to water. If rain is scarce, insects will leave which will force the birds to follow.
  • Temperature -- This is one of the most prominent elements that affect birds. Temperature variations can cause birds to migrate too early or too late.
  • Wind direction and speed -- Crosswinds coming from bodies of water can cause extensive drift.

Kestrel Meters can help track all of the elements and much more. Even with microclimates, following temperature variations, rain, and wind can help us better understand bird behavior and protect species that are in danger.

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