The Benefits of Bringing KestrelMET 6000 to the Boathouse

The Benefits of Bringing KestrelMET 6000 to the Boathouse

Training for crew or other watersports activities requires planning for the weather. Weather remains one the most critical factors determining the safety of athletes going out on the water. As the weather can turn on a dime, it's essential to have tools to keep you aware of current or upcoming conditions.

When it comes to tracking weather at your boathouse, the KestrelMET 6000 Cellular Weather Station is the most reliable weather station on the market. This robust cellular weather station can give you the information you need to keep your students and athletes safe.

Why Weather is Important to Monitor from Boathouses

Weather, particularly wind and storms, can pose serious threats when going out on the water.

For example, winds of 40 MPH are often strong enough to capsize small boats.

KestrelMet 6000 has its own built-in technology to measure wind direction and wind speed. The aspirated fan makes it equipped for exceptional accuracy for all types of weather.

Keep in mind that bodies of water will create their own microclimate. This is why you can't rely on your local weather app to tell you about the weather.

Only 20 Minutes to Set up

Take it from a real-life Kestrel customer---getting set up with Kestrelmet 6000 is much easier than other weather stations on the market.

"This station is really easy and quick to install. You can set it up near the dock or on the roof. With other weather stations available, there was a complicated set up process that I just didn't have time for. I'm a rowing coach. I want to spend my time focused on my team. Not on figuring out how to use new technology. With this weather station, I was able to get set up and have it working in about 20 minutes."

The KestrelMet 6000 comes ready-to-go right out of the box. Only a few fast and easy steps are required to get it running.

Unlike other devices, you don't need to spend a ton of time figuring out how to make it work. This intuitive weather station makes it simple and even fun to learn and work with.

No Need for a WiFi Source

Boathouses exist for a few primary reasons. They act as a gathering place for teams, serve to shield your boat from the elements, and typically don't require their own WiFi.

WiFi is not an essential boathouse need. But since most weather stations require WiFi, it can cause trouble when you need to check for weather for changes.

The good news is that KestrelMet 6000 has an entirely independent WiFi source. Whether your boathouse is along the shore of a popular beach or at a remote island, you won't have to worry about WiFi.

Best of all, the first year with KestrelMet 6000 also includes one year of Kestrel's independent cellular connection. After that, it amounts to an affordable plan of $50 per year.

Stay Safe on the Water with KestrelMet 6000

Whether your hobby is boating or you're the coach of a high school row team, KestrelMet 6000 is here to ensure safety before you leave the boathouse. Get this high-demand weather meter now and enjoy all the incredible weather tracking abilities it can offer.

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