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Looking for an official Kestrel Meter in Australia or New Zealand.

Check Kestrel AU

Current US policy on shipping to AU is that we can't do it. In fact, every Kestrel dealer in the US has been given guidelines not to ship there. We have done it in the past, as we've had requests, due to it being cheaper in the US, and safer to buy from us than eBay, but we don't.

Reasons we don't ship to AU:

    * Kestrel Meters fall under a special electronic product category under Australian regulations. While the meters themselves are in compliance with the guidelines, they require a special mark, called an RCM (formerly Ctick), to allow for import into Australia. The meters for sale in the US do not have this mark. 

    * NK, the manufacturer of Kestrel Meters, has a strict policy forbidding exporting to AU in support of their official distribution for the South Pacific market.

    * Warranty: While product may be covered under warranty back in the US, you wouldn't get any help from the AU distributor without the RCM on the meter.

    * Risk. If it gets stopped at customs, they will destroy, discard, or refuse the product. Yes, it has happened. Buying on eBay is a risk too, they will NOT have an RCM unless its coming from within AU.  While this isn't guaranteed to happen, it has happened enough that we've even stopped shipping used meters.


We know prices are listed lower USA sites. AU prices on the web at are inc GST. Local US customers get local taxes applied at checkout, not shown until the US state is chosen. Shipping to AU for any products is not free... AU must be staffed and support the local market, and let's not forget the ever-fluctuating AUD and USD.  

To find a local dealer... go to Find an AU / NZ Dealer page or you can actually purchase right on their site

Kestrel AU is fully supported by NK, the manufacturer of Kestrel Meters.  The guys down there are great to work with, extremely knowledgable and fully supportive.  They cater to dealers, farmers, firefighters, and government in including the ADF.  

Having an office down in AU allows support for market with local knowledge and on local time.  They are also the official distributor to Vectronix Terrapin X AU

We appreciated the understanding.

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