Portable Air Flow Tracker – A Must Have for HVAC

Today’s HVAC technicians work very hard: on one hand, they have to complete as many jobs as they can to maximize their earnings as contractors, yet on the other, their time and labor constraints often keep them from getting to all of the jobs that they desire.  Luckily, there are now many diagnostic tools that make an HVAC technician’s life easier, and a portable air flow tracker is at the top of our list.  From diagnostics to assessment, air flow measurement can make it easier for one-man teams to get jobs done and move on to the next one.  Here’s why:


CFM measurements

One of the things every HVAC technician must do before and after the job is measure CFM, or Cubic Feet per Minute.  This indicates if there is proper airflow for a room of a given size.  Air flow trackers like the Kestrel 4200 both give instantaneous readings of CFM along with temperature and relative humidity ratings, taking a large, required step out of the technician’s workflow.

Beyond instant readings, pocket airflow trackers can give long-term sampled readings over time.  These can be set to log data in intervals anywhere from a few seconds to half days, and then displayed as a chart right on the tracker’s screen for analysis.  Previous methods required HVAC techs to use calculators and equations to conduct these analyses - these air flow sensors remove the hassle and chance for human error from these calculations.


Better Service

Many technicians find that Kestrel Pocket Air Flow Trackers are great for both sales calls and job completion verification.  On sales calls, the tracker’s readings can be used to visually demonstrate issues in home air flow, or indicate which rooms of a house need the most work.  After installation, the tracker can be used again to present before & after data regarding air flow measurement to present to clients for maximum satisfaction. 

Just as employees in every other industry are adopting technology to make their lives easier, HVAC technicians also have new tools that change how things have always been done.  Pocket Airflow Trackers like the Kestrel 4200 both add immediate visible efficiencies in your business.  Try one out, and your whole team will be asking for it in a week!

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