Heat Stress Monitoring for Athletics and Sporting Events

 Heat stress monitoring for athletics and sporting events is a big responsibility for athletic trainers, coaches, sports medicine providers and others who are involved with sports programs.  Lives depend on accurate measurement of environmental conditions such as temperature, relative humidity, heat stress index, wet bulb temperature, wet bulb globe temperature (WBGT) and other vital environmental readings.  Even when conditions may seem safe, the over-exertion that can so easily occur when athletes are playing or practicing outdoors can quickly take a toll on their health, putting them at risk for major health problems.  To reduce the chances of these problems from ever occurring on their field, many professionals are now looking for easy ways to monitor heat stress at school and professional sporting events.  When there are lives that depend on this important and valuable information, they need something that provides reliable data but that is also easy to use.   Heat stress monitoring for athletics and sporting events is easy with a handheld Kestrel meter, and it’s one option that has been growing in popularity.

A handheld Kestrel Meter makes it easy to provide accurate heat stress monitoring for athletics and sporting events.  By providing accurate, real time data, a Kestrel Meter can help prevent athletes from heat stress and related health issues due to over-exertion.  Monitoring and recording outdoor conditions are the key to ensuring smart heat safety for those who practice or who regularly play games outdoors.  The Kestrel 4400 Heat Stress Tracker makes it possible to both record data during practice and during games and to store it for easy reviewing throughout the season.  The meter also lets users set up their own warning screens in accordance with state or school guidelines, offering a customizable experience.  It’s easy to proactively monitor conditions, with six thresholds and a visual warning available that helps to keep players safe.

When you are in charge of coordinating an outdoor event or a routine practice session that is held outdoors, it’s always important consider the weather during the planning process.  Being in charge of a sporting event means that you are responsible for taking steps to prevent and manage heat related illness by putting a monitoring program in place to ensure that conditions stay within a safe level for everyone on the field.  Using a portable Kestrel Weather and Environmental Meter makes is easy to get highly accurate readings of the current conditions, which helps you, the program organizer or the coach make the right call.  It’s the single most important thing that you can do to help protect the health of your team, by ensuring that conditions stay within a safe and reasonable range for physical activity.  Utilizing a meter is also the only way to get an accurate benchmark and makes it possible to know exactly when to halt practices or cancel the games due to weather, with clear standards on what is safe and what is not.

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