Various Businesss That use Kestrel Hygrometers


Hygrometers are traditionally thought of as being used by professionals who are involved in the atmospheric sciences; however, this type of technology is currently utilized in several different types of industries and businesses.  Used to measure the amount of moisture in the environment, or the “humidity”, hygrometers are typically found in handheld meters and larger devices installed on site that are used in industrial areas and greenhouses, saunas, cigar humidors, museums and any other areas that are sensitive to changes in humidity. 

Hygrometers for Industrial painting
There are several different uses for hygrometers in industrial applications, including industrial painting and the application of surface coatings.  This type of work often requires the use of materials that have to be at a consistent temperature and humidity level in order to dry completely and correctly.  Hygrometers help make this happen, by providing highly accurate, up to the minute humidity readings that can make a huge difference in the end result of a project.

Retail stores that specialize in musical instruments, antiques, cigars and other types of specialty and hard to find items often utilize hygrometers, as they are critical in maintaining the structure and quality of these and other “sensitive” types of items.  By utilizing a hygrometer in their establishment, retail store owners can protect their valuable inventory by always staying on top of the atmospheric conditions.


Large greenhouses and retail garden centers often utilize hygrometers in order to maintain ideal growing conditions throughout the year.  Hygrometers can be a helpful tool in helping plants grow in areas where humidity is either typically very low or very high, as they make it easy to maintain the optimum level of humidity to maximize plan growth.  Installing a hygrometer can help keep plants healthier and looking great for customers for a longer period of time.

Companies that specialize in HVAC work often install hygrometers in homes in order to help maintain a healthy level of humidity for the Kestrel Hygrometer for HVAC professionresidents throughout the year.  This can help protect individuals from the negative health effects of harsh dry air, which can lead to dry skin and damage to other areas of the body. They can also reduce excess moisture in the air in order to reduce the development of dangerous mold and mildew in the home, which can lead to extremely dangerous health conditions.  


No matter what type of business or industry they are used in, hygrometers help provide peace of mind for many companies who rely on certain humidity levels for their business.  By providing reliable data quickly and easily, Kestrel hygrometers are great tools for many businesses. 

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