Sniper shoot- good review for Kestrel

 Thank you Kestrel for making such a great product that has always aided our training in long-range shooting.  The Kestrel 4000 Pocket Weather Tracker was ergonomic and very effective while I, personally, used it on multiple deployments as an active duty Sniper with 1st Recon BN.  Later, I contracted with the O'Gara Group as a Sniper Instructor, where we used the Kestrel to teach students how to not only read wind, but also how to adjust their data for changes in barometric pressure, altitude, and temperature.  Any "true" long range shooter understands that shooting for hard data will always beat a ballistic's chart, but in order to calculate how their data will vary with changes in altitude, barometric pressure, temperature, and winds your product has been proven to be the most useful tool.  I currently own and operate my own company V X Marksmanship, a firearm's training academy in Ft. Worth, TX.  I am still using the same Kestrel 4000 that was given to me while I was on active duty; and it's still providing accurate data for my students today.  Thanks again, and keep up the good work.

Dan Sanderford - Owner/ Chief Instructor
V X Marksmanship LLC
(817) 240-1901


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