Insight from the DOT

  At night, they use modified concrete... (night pours)  
  In this instance they're doing (1" to 2" thick... an overlay) a walkway on    bridge.
  The acceptable evaporation for this pour is .1 pounds per foot per hour.  
  If this rate increases due to wind change, relative humidty or temperature, and they are out of  spec., the job won't start or they'll halt it....

In a day pour, it can change to .2 pounds per foot per hour, it must be below that to pour.

While the Kestrel 4000 will give you all you need to calculate the evaporation rate, the Kestrel 4300 will do the desk work for you, giving the users minute by minute readings.

We thank you for the time and explanation on how the DOT will use our product. For additional information, click the image below.


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