Kestrel HVK Gun Loader Sofware

The HVK Gun Loader software is finally here! No longer do you need to manually enter gun configurations into your Kestrel: this software provides users the ability to see and edit guns just as easily as editing any other electronic document on their computer. It allows users to load up to 50 guns on their Kestrel with Horus ATrag© via their computers and a Bluetooth connection or a wired Kestrel Interface. It also comes with more than 900 gun/bullet configurations saved in the software itself in case users want to pick from pre-saved files rather than building a gun from scratch.

We are very excited for our partner's release of this new software and hope you are too! Please let us know what you think of it and if you have any questions!

Please find this on our page for the Kestrel with Horus ATrag or our Manuals and Downloads page

The HKInstaller program is the gun loader for the Horus unit. Its only purpose is to allow the user to download guns to the Kestrel with Horus, or upload guns from the unit to your computer. The Kestrel Communicator software can be used with the Horus unit, it simply won't help with downloading gun libraries or anything like that. The Kestrel HKInstaller latest version is ready to download. You can download it on our Horus product page under additional information.

Copy for software downloads: Please note that any questions or issues with the Horus Gun Loader Software should be directed to Horus Vision at 650.588.8862 or

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