Kestrel & Laying Concrete

 Plastic Shrinkage Cracks are a costly problem for concrete professionals- they occur when the surface of the concrete dries quickly and shrinks before it is strong enough to resist cracking. Measuring relative humidity, ambient temperature and wind velocity at the pour site before the concrete is placed can help prevent this frustrating and expensive problem. Bluetooth® data transfer capabilities send minute by minute conditions during any pour straight to a laptop for easy jobsite documentation that conditions were within industry acceptable standards. The Kestrel 4300 Construction Pocket Weather Tracker is the perfect solution-accurate, quick response readings give concrete professionals the information they need to place concrete that won't crack.

"We depend on the Kestrel 4300 monitor atmospheric conditions for pre-during-post concrete pours. This Kestrel weather data is reviewed to insure continued compliance with ACI and ASTM as well as USACE construction contract specification requirements. The data is also used in Daily Quality Control Field Reports and provided to the Corps of Engineers."  ~ Michael Boss ASse BSse CQCSM Apollo, Inc.

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