Kestrel DROP monitors Dog Kennels for PA Dog Warden

Kestrel Team members have trained several dog wardens of the Pennsylvania Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement. The PA Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement is responsible for ensuring the welfare of breeding dogs and puppies in commercial breeding kennels. 

One of the basic regulations for PA kennels is that they monitor the temperature and relative humidity of the Kennel.  For example: 

Short-haired dogs, which would include pointers, many Continental  breeds and hounds, could not be kept in outdoor facilities when the  temperature falls below 35 degrees, and all breeds in any kind of facility  would require cooling when temperatures are above 85 degrees.

Currently, the Kestrel DROPS are used inside all PA commercial kennels to monitor conditions for the animals. Also, the dog wardens use the DROPS to ensure that kennels are following regulations in animal living conditions.

The DROPS measure temperature, humidity and heat index. The DROPS allow the dog wardens to collect accurate measurements and record data over a period of time. This information is valuable to the wardens, especially if records are required in court cases.  The DROP is simple, easy to use and read from an iPhone or Android device.

For more information on PA Kennel regulations, see the ACSL website

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