Getting Quotes using Apruve!

We're excited to add a new feature to Apruve! It allows buyers to send a shopping cart of Kestrel Meters to an administrator for approval and payment. It's the easiest, safest, and most secure way to rent books. Plus, it's free and easy.
Need a quote?
Need it approved by finance?
We have 2 options.
For large orders, over $3000, we suggest you fill out our quote form, where can get details and get back to you quickly.
If you have a smaller order, under $3000, we suggest using Apruve.

To find out how easy it is to use Apruve, go to the store and add Kestrel products to your shopping cart. When you checkout, there is an option to use Apruve. Simply follow the directions to send that shopping cart to an administrator of your choice for approval and payment. After the administrator approves the books, they will immediately appear in your..... ?.  We'll then ship out the next day.

If you plan on using Apruve, I recommend sharing the blog post with your administrator. Email us with any questions or send a message to

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