Google Chromebook and Kestrel Meters

Chromebook uses a Google operating system.   This would be similar to an Android phone.   The Kestrel will be able to communicate with this device but NK, the manufacturer, does not have software that can be installed on it.   So you can not currently use the Kestrel Communicator Software.  Customers can purchase software from one of our 3rd party developers, like Kestrel Crumbs to use however. 

Some of these apps are here: Kestrel Meters Software Partners


As for the Profile Loader on the Applied Ballistics:

As I write this, in January 2015, there is not a Profile Loader program that runs on Android.   I believe that will be developed at some point but not sure when.   You could use Kestrel Companion however which would remotely show the Elevation and WIndage corrections on the Chromebook.  This is on the Google Play store.

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