Applied Ballistics Firmware & Updates

The Applied Ballistics application to upload and download guns is called AB Profile Loader.   There are two builds of this program, Build 24 and Build 29.   Build 24 will only work properly for units with firmware version 4.76 or earlier.  


The current firmware on the Kestrel with Applied Ballistics is 4.80.   For any firmware higher than 4.76, a user will need to use Build 29.   If you are having trouble with the AB Profile Loader (main complaint is “application will only load one gun profile”), check the firmware and the build version to make sure they match.    You can grab the latest version from the NK site (US manufacturer of Kestrel Meters):


The zip file that we have on our site contains the updated AB Profile Loader (Build 29).  You can, however, get download a separate application called NK Bootloader software to update your firmware on your Kestrel remotely. For example if you have firmware 4.76 on your AB unit, you can use the Bootloader to upgrade to 4.80.   You would also need to update their AB Profile Loader to Build 29 in this case as well.


The Bootloader folder in the zip contains a file with a *.bin extension.   There are two versions of this file:  one is new firmware for Bluetooth units, one is new firmware for Non-Bluetooth units.  That is why we have two separate downloads listed.   45ACB480.bin is for Bluetooth while 45AC-480.bin is for Non-Bluetooth units.  

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